How do I best use the talents of Kay DeKalb Smith?:

Women's Conference/Retreat
Kay can most effectively reach women when speaking for three one hour sessions (often in a Friday night through Saturday noon format) in a Conference or Retreat Setting. It allows Kay the flexibility to take her comedic abilities full circle, relate to the audience through personal experiences, and teach the Red Sea Rules (surviving through difficult circumstances) with maximum impact.

Ladies Night Out
Because Kay is so diverse with music and humorous routines (always laced with scripture and Biblical inspiration) she is a perfect choice for a seeker-friendly event. Ever encouraging in her approach, she provides a night of entertainment that will lift your spirits and cause women to think about their relationship with God. She has designed several LNO events around specific themes that work well with her testimony and stories.

e.g., "The Bride of Christ" or "Going to the Chapel" or "A Latte Fun!" Whether the theme is yours or hers, she can creatively weave her material to suit your specific needs.

Mother Daughter Banquet
Being the Mother of two daughters has certainly provided Kay with plenty of material. She has been quoted as saying, "Once you become a mother, you never smell the same again!" Her daughters have performed on the video, "Mama-Mama". Kay uses video clips of the girls, shares humorous stories, poems, and sometimes a diary entry - in an attempt to share common ground with other Mothers and Daughters in a very personal way. All ages will delight in her character impressions and colorful antics - putting smiles on faces of all ages.

Christmas Banquet
Perhaps your event is in December. Kay has a full array of songs and stories to celebrate the season! Shirley Temple sings, "Too Fat for the Chimney", Alfalfa squeals, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!" Other funny songs include, "My In-laws Are Coming to Town!" and "We Three Queens of Oregon Are". Always mindful that the purpose of any event is to point people to Jesus Christ, Kay tastefully bridges the gap from silly to serious with the "Innkeeper's Wife" routine, concluding with "No Room" and a challenge for the audience to make time for Christ, the most important reason for the season.

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