Theme Ideas
For Retreats And Conferences of Kay DeKalb Smith

Ladies Night Out
      "A Latte Fun"

Wedding Theme
      "The Bride Of Christ"
      "Get Me To The Church On Time"

Feet Theme
      "Beautiful Feet"
      "Wherever He Leads... I'll Go"
      "Following The Footsteps of Jesus"

Hawaiian Theme
      "Oasis for Feazzled Females"

Seasonal Theme
      "Seasons of Life"
      "For Everything... There Is A Season"

Hat Theme
      "A Head For Every Hat"
      "Hats Off To Women"
      "So Many Hats"

Balloon Theme
      "Help! I need a Lift"

Light Theme
      "Let Your Light Shine"
      "You Are The Light of The World"

Joy Theme
      "Celebrate Life"
      "Laughter, Good Medicine For Life"
      "The Joyful Journey"
      "On Wings of Laughter"

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